From left to right - J.E. Kyle, Jimmy Groves, Lloyd Guillory, B.J. Courtney, Bill Thompson, Nathan Levy Jr., Milton Hamer, Stewart "Stu" Daigle, B.A. "Red" Adams, George Taylor, Herman Fanguee-Contractor, C.J. Cutrone, Charles Garber, Ned Russo, Bill Bright, J. Fangue - Contractor
Ribbon Cutting by Governor John McKeithen - November 1967
Opening Day, November 1967 Board members and guests, including Louisiana Governor John McKeithen and Lt. Governor Clarence C. (Taddy) Aycock.
Aerial view of the original structure
Original Dining Room
Original Bar/Lounge
Fountain with Goldfish


The Petroleum Club of Morgan City originated in 1966 from the desire of local businessmen, working in the Oil Industry, needing a local gathering place to entertain clients after a long day and enjoy a more formal meal as they discussed their business and future goals. The vision was originally shared by B.A. "Red" Adams, Stewart Daigle and Bill Thompson. They proceeded to scour the phone book to recruit additional members who would join them in their vision to build the Club. The founding members - B.A. "Red" Adams, Stewart "Stu" Daigle, Bill Thompson, J.E. Kyle, Jimmy Grove, Lloyd Guillory, B.J. Courtney, Nathan Levy Jr., Milton Hamer, C.J. Cutrone, Charles Garber, Ned Russo, Bill Bright, Herb Stire and Ken Hidalgo put up equal amounts to move the project forward. From the Ground breaking in 1966 to Ribbon cutting in November 1967, their vision became a reality.

Opening Day brought both the Governor and Lt. Governor for the ribbon cutting as well as many local politicians and executives from companies such as Chevron and Texaco. All were invited to enjoy a specially prepared breakfast.

The Club originally opened with a Bar/Lounge area and 2 Dining Rooms. It has since grown and now offers a Dine-in Bar, Formal Dining Room, Board Room, Banquet Room and Ball Room. It continues to be the place of choice for formal and informal meetings, presentations, and receptions, as well as a place where members can bring their families as well as their business associates for a fine dining experience.